Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is held every December and is all about giving coding a go.  What will you code this year?

Watch this space for more Hour of Code resources coming in December. 

Hour of code  - Newbie / Beginner

Digital Activities

Code Monkey

Skill: Sequencing

Can you help the Monkey get their bananas and treasure?  What code will you have to put in to get them to the right place?

BeKids Coding

Skill: Algorithms, Sequence, Loop

Can you help dot get to the right place? What blocks will you need to use?


Skill: Sequence

Can you get the cat to the right place on the map?  How many tiles will you need?

Also on school iPads


Skill: Sequence

Can you make the shapes in Fuzztopia?

Also on school iPads

Hour of Code - Apprentice  / Some Experience

Dino 3D Game

Create your own 3D dinosaur game

Coderz - Farming

Plant and take care of your farm using robots

Star Wars - Build a Galaxy

Can you build a star wars galaxy?

Check out this lesson all about AI

[K-2] Training AI using Data

Hour of Code - Proficient / Advanced

Escape Estate in Minecraft Education Edition

Download here

Codsters - Star Hedgehog

Use python to code your own hedgehog space game.

Affordable & Clean energy By Tynker

Can you create your own energy generator?  Can you teach others about clean energy?

Broadcasting Spells with Scratch & Raspberry Pi

Can you broadcast messages to other sprites in Scratch?

Hour of Code - Unplugged Activities


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CS First Unplugged - Project

This walks through each step of the booklet